What your employees need and can’t tell you (by Melina Palmer)

⏰You promised your client who looked in a rush that you’ll send the report/offer that she/he requested by the end of the week.
⏰You stacked up your to do list on Monday morning, it looked and felt nice, but half of them were undone last week and were transfered to this week.
⏰Your next meeting is in the city center at 3PM, your best time to reach there was 45 minutes, you plan to leave the office at 2:15PM

You are likely to exercise a significant overtime to make it to the dealine, half of your to do list is likely to be transfered to next week and you’ll probably be late to your appointment by 15 minutes or more.

Why we keep doing that?
Because we suffer from optimism bias, planning fallacy, time discounting and bikeshedding.

Knowing your biases certainly solves half of the problem. In her latest book “What Your Employees Need And Can’t Tell You” Melina Palmer helps you to deal with the rest of the issue by focussing on the micro moments and provides tips that will require you to make small changes in your practices. It’s a change management book powered by insights from behavioral economics. I strongly recommend it.

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