I’m on Geopats podcast

­čÄëYay! I had my first appearance in an international podcast show. We have met with Stephanie Fuccio on International Podcast Day, last year in September. She kindly invited me to her podcast where she hosts podcasters from all around the world (as she puts it) to get inspiration from their creativity, passion and projects. ­čśë

So we recorded the episode in the first days of 2021 and now is on air. Steph is a very joyful person and a passionate podcaster. I realized I can learn a lot from her about energy of the host and attention to detail, not to forget about her onboarding process.

So this is mostly for my international friends if you missed hearing me (with plenty of um’s ah’s ­čśä) We chat about my podcasting experience. I strongly recommend you (especially podcasters) to take a look to her website, how she does it


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