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Open to work

This is a call for help in the name of my ex-colleagues from Efes Ukraine.
Some of them already left their homeland some are still there in these difficult times.
Valentin Kovalenko, our Regional Sales Manager back in the days, sent me a message that he had to leave Kiev and he is in Croatia with his family. He’s looking for a job and he’s ready to relocate any country. He has;

• 15+ years of successful professional experience in sales in international and local FMCG, B2B, HoReCa companies (Efes, Wrigley, Sushi House) on managerial positions of national and regional scale
• 13 years of experience in managing people: recruitment, evaluation, development (managed teams from 4 to 200 people)
• Successful experience in setting up effective work with distributors

He speaks also English & Russian.

This is a call for any other Ukrainian ex-colleague who is looking for a job, they can leave their job request in comments, so we can create a small hub and reach more people.

Finally, my fellow expats from Ukraine who are working in different countries now, can also help spreading this post by commenting and/or tagging people they think this call is relevant. I’m also open to any other ideas that we can act on collectively.

This is a way we can help Ukrainians right now!

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