Applying Behavioral Science in Marketing with Patrick Fagan

This week my special guest at Değer Yaratmanın Formülü | Podcast is Patrick Fagan.

Patrick Fagan is a behavioral scientist with over a decade’s experience. An interesting point in his career; he was the Lead Psychologist at Cambridge Analytica (certainly we talked about that famous case). Now he’s the Chief Scientific Officer at behavioral science consultancy Capuchin.

Patrick doesn’t hide his concerns regarding techonology’s role in our lives. But as he says “this technology (reading people’s minds through their digital footprints) is here, we cannot uninvent it”. He shared his views on how we can train ourselves and be concious about our decisions, rather than guided by nudges.

He also shared his framework on how to build sticky messages that he elaborated in his book “Hooked” on the psychology of effective marketing comms. To me; it’s BS in a nutshell.

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